How to Address Pay Issues Related to Missing or Incorrect Paychecks


UC San Diego employees may discover pay issues and require assistance to get paid accurately.

Critical Concepts

Department supervisors or their delegates (timekeepers, managers) approve employee timesheets. If unavailable, department HR administrator can assist.

Steps to Take

  1. Employee recognizes pay issues.
    • Employee should contact their supervisor, timekeeping approver, or department HR/Academic Personnel Contact for assistance.
  2. Be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • Did you submit your timesheet by the deadline?
    • Are you paid via direct deposit of by paper paycheck?
    • Is your paycheck missing, lost, or incorrect?
    • Have you already submitted a case, if so, what is the case number?
    • Did you check that your home address listed in the UCPath online portal is correct?
    • Is this issue creating an urgent financial hardship?
  3. Your supervisor, timekeeping approver, and or department HR Contact will verify that your job is set up correctly in UCPath and via the timekeeping system, if applicable. They will also verify the mailing address in UCPath.
  4. Depending on the scenario, a few different approaches will occur as follows:
    • If time was entered and pay was issued, but the paper paycheck was not received within 5 business days, a stop payment on the check may be needed.
    • If the address is correct and it has been more than 5 business days since the paydate, UCPath should be notified to re-issue the check, by submitting a case via “Ask UCPath” on the UCPath online portal.
    • If time was entered and pay was not issued, your supervisor (or department HR Contact) will submit an off-cycle request for missed pay. This transaction will process a check on the next available pay cycle.
  5. For all other scenarios, your supervisor or HR Contact will submit a case to UC San Diego local central office HHR/ARC/Central-HR, or CCP (Central Core Payroll) to resolve the issue.
  6. If you are experiencing an urgent financial hardship, you will be offered the option of an Expedited Pay Card. Please see the Knowledge Based Article on “How to Request an Expedited Pay Card.”

Supervisors (timekeepers) and/or department HR Contacts please refer to Pay Issues on the UCPath website if you require additional information.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.