How to Update a Knowledge Base Article


Learn how to update your Knowledge Base Articles (KBA’s) through the ServiceNow Agent Portal.

Critical Concepts

For KBA fundamentals, please read the How to Create a Knowledge Base Article KBA.

Steps to Take

  1.  Log into the ServiceNow Portal.
  2.  In the gray left sidebar, scroll down to Knowledge.
  3.  Select My Knowledge Articles: this will list all articles where you are the author, and displays the Workflow state of each article.
    1. Quick Tip: You can add this to your Favorites by selecting the star icon.
    2. You can access your Favorites by selecting the star icon in the gray left sidebar.
  4.  Select the KBA you wish to edit by clicking on the KBA number.
  5.  Make edits to your KBA in the Article body. Take extra precaution not to change the formatting of the article layout.
  6.  To ensure your KBA does not expire, make sure 2100-01-01 is the set Valid to date.
  7.  When you are finished making updates, select the Update button in the top right corner. This will save your changes and refresh the page.
  8.  Review your KBA to make sure the updates you made were captured properly.
    1.  Check your spelling and formatting
    2. If you included links, check if the links are working
    3.  If you like to other KBA's, be sure you are using the Permalink
      1. KBA's are constantly being updated. If a KBA undergoes a revision, the link that is copied from your browser's search bar will not capture the most recent version of a KBA.
      2. The permalink will always include the most updated version of the KBA.
      3. To copy a KBA's permalink, scroll down to any KBA and select the Copy permalink button.
  9.  Once you are finished reviewing your updates, select the Publish button. Your KBA will now route for approval.



If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket