How to update State Tax withholdings in UCPath


This article is intended for active UCSD employees. State tax withholdings can be updated by employees themselves in UCPath.

Critical Concepts

In order for active UCSD employees to service themselves, an employee MUST be: A U.S. Citizen, Non-citizen national of the U.S., U.S. lawful permanent resident, a refugee or asylum status, in the U.S. under DACA, or a resident alien for tax purposes with no tax treaty.

Steps to Take

  1. Login to UCPath:

  2. Select University of California, San Diego

  3. Login using your active directory information

  4. Dashboard Navigation: Income and Taxes > CA State Withholding (DE-4) or Menu Navigation: Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > CA State Withholding (DE-4)

  5. Before you update your CA withholding, you must validate your identity. UCPath randomly displays one of the security questions set up on your profile. Click in the Security Question field. For this example click in the Who is your childhood best friend? field.

  6. Enter the desired information into the Security Question field. For this example, enter Molly.

  7. Your answer appears as a series of dots. Click the Submit button.

  8. If you answer the question correctly, UCPath displays the CA State W-4 Tax Information page, and you can make your changes. If you answer incorrectly, an error message appears. You have three attempts to answer this question correctly. After three incorrect answers, UCPath displays the Security Questions Setup page. You must provide your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number to validate your identity and then update your security questions and answers.

  9. Use the CA State W-4 Tax Information page to complete or review and update your CA State W-4 tax details.

  10. Select a tax status. In this example, the Married status is selected.

  11. Click the scroll bar.

  12. Use the CA State Worksheet button to assist you in determining your CA State W-4 tax information.

  13. Click in the Enter the total number of allowances being claimed field.

  14. Delete the current number of allowances. Click the Delete button.

  15. Enter the desired information into the Enter the total number of allowances being claimed field. For this example, enter 1.

  16. If you want additional money withheld from each paycheck, enter the dollar amount in the Enter additional amount field.

  17. If necessary, enter the number of additional allowances in the Enter additional allowances field.

  18. Enter or verify the tax year for which you are claiming an exemption.

  19. If you are claiming an exemption, select the last check box on the page.

  20. Click the Submit button.

  21. A confirmation message indicates that changes may not be reflected on your next paycheck due to the timing of your changes. Click the OK button.

  22. You have updated your California tax withholding in UCPath online. A confirmation email is sent to the primary email address on your account. You can identify your primary email address under Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary.

Additional Information

Please note that UCSD Central Core Payroll cannot legally advise on what to enter on tax withholdings. Please seek advice from a licensed tax professional if you have further questions regarding your current tax situation.

To view step-by-step instructions go to Update My California Tax Withholding.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.