UCRP Deductions Explained


UCRP is a traditional pension plan, providing a predictable level of income when you retire. UC employees who are members of UCRP are governed by the 1976 Tier, 2013 Tier or 2016 Tier plan provisions.

Your UCRP deductions will stop after you hit the limit for the fiscal year.

Critical Concepts

Calendar year Retirement Gross

This is for record purposes and tracks the calendar year retirement gross. This is not visible to the employee on the UCPath statement.

Fiscal Year To During the year of conversion to UCPath Date-RET-GROSS

While not visible on the UC wage statement– this figure is calculated in the background of the payroll system and determines when an employee reaches the maximum contribution for the fiscal year.

Total Calendar year UCRP deductions

Additional Information

For more information visit University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP)

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