Status of UCPath Report Access Approval


Did you submit a UCPath report access request a while ago and didn’t hear back?  Your request requires supervisor approval before moving on to the data steward, and approval of the provisioning team. If you haven’t heard back, your request is most likely awaiting supervisor approval. Below are steps you can take.

Critical Concepts

Report access requests are processed using an automated workflow with the following stages:

  1. User fills out a request
  2. The user’s supervisor receives an email and link to approve or decline the request
  3. Upon supervisor approval, the request is forwarded to the data steward for review
  4. Upon data steward approval, a provisioning task is assigned to the workstation lifecycle team for fulfillment
  5. The user and supervisor receive an email confirming access has been fulfilled once step 1-4 have been completed

In most cases, requests that haven’t been addressed are awaiting supervisor approval because they didn’t notice the email request.


Steps to Take

  1. Ask your supervisor whether they approve the request.
  2. If your supervisor approves, ask them to access and to select My Stuff on the left of the top menu bar, then select Approvals. Your supervisor should be able to access the request(s) associated with your name and select “approve”. This will move the request to the next stage of the access workflow.
  3.  If the name that was in the supervisor field of your request is incorrect (e.g. you have a new supervisor), you will need to resubmit a request with the correct supervisor name and email. Be sure to let your supervisor know to look for the approval request.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.