How to Receive Pay Internationally via Wire Transfer


This article provides information for employees working internationally and do not have a US bank account, nor can they cash checks from a US bank.In these situations, it is possible to have funds transferred via Wire Transfer.

Critical Concepts

Wire Transfer Using the International Wire Request Form: Employees can request payment of wages/earnings via wire transfer to a foreign bank or financial institution when direct deposit, paper check and/or other payment options are not available and the employee cannot make changes in self-service.

The employee completes Sections #1 & #2, and signs and dates the form. UCPC completes Section #3. After local approval, the form is submitted via a case.

Steps to Take

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  1. Employee must open a case with UCPath Center via “Ask UCPath” button on the dashboard, or HR Initiator can open a case for the employee.
  2. Once case is opened, form will be provided, either through e-mail or a link
  3. See sample below for fields that must be completed
  4.  Employee must complete the required fields, sign and date the form, secure local approval, and submit via case in UCPath.  If HR Initiator completes the form and secures approval, employee must sign and date before submitting.  

Additional Information

Below is a sample of the fields that need to be completed on the form, along with sample text. 

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.