Campus Timekeeping FAQs


Frequently Asked Campus Timekeeping Questions


Timesheets are being submitted and approved; why isn’t the employee being paid?

Make sure that the Do Not Pay box is not checked. Anytime you check the Do Not Pay box, you will need to manually uncheck it for the employee to be paid in the future.

I forgot to report some hours last pay period, how do I get paid for these hours?

Employees can make retroactive timesheet entries for up to two pay periods in the past. Retroactive timesheets need to be approved by the supervisor before the History Pay Periods Timekeeping Deadline to be included on the upcoming paycheck.

What if my employees don't correctly report their time?

You can make edits to their timesheet. If you have already approved their timesheet, then you must unapprove the timesheet (which unlocks the timesheet) and then make necessary adjustments.

For step-by-step instructions please refer to Employee Timesheets - Reviewing, Editing, Approving and Auditing

How do I find my direct reports’ timesheets?

Go to Manager Tasks > Employee Timesheets > In the Timesheet Group drop down, select Primary > In the Period in the drop down select the correct pay period and Click GO.

How do I remove employees from Ecotime groups?

Terminated employees will drop off after 6 months. Retired employees will be visible for up to 1 year. If they are in a wrong group, you will need to submit a timekeeper delegation request to move them to the correct group.

Why are the leave balances in Ecotime not matching UCPath?

UCPath is the system of record for accrual balances. Balances in Ecotime may be incorrect because any adjustments or payouts done in UCPath are not captured in Ecotime. You will want to make sure that UCPath is correct and if you notice that the balances in Ecotime do not match, you will need to submit a ticket to the Ecotime team with the employee’s name, Empl ID, and screen shots of UCPath.  Pease put in the subject: Update Ecotime Leave Balance to match UCPath.

If the Leave Balance in Ecotime is correct but UCPath is incorrect, you will need to submit an inquiry to UCPath Center by logging into UCPath and clicking on the yellow “ASK UCPath” button or by going to this link:

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.