How to Request a New UCPath Report


This article details how to submit a request for a new UCPath Cognos Report that will be shared on the UCPath Reports Dashboard.

Critical Concepts

The UCPath Reports Dashboard is located at the Business Analytics Hub (BAH). If the report you are seeking is not found on the Business Analytics Hub, follow instructions below to learn about Report Requirements, and the Submission Process for new report requests.

Steps to Take

If you would like to request a new Cognos report based on Employee Activity Hub (EAH) data, please complete the following questions and submit to

HR/Payroll/Academic Personnel REPORT REQUEST

  1. New Report Name
  2. Report Requestor
  3. Business function provided by requestor
  4. Report Owner / SME (if known)
  5. Purpose/ short description:*
  6. Criticality of this report / assigned prioritization ranking
  7. Report Group (see below for list of report groups):
  1. Specific Requirements:*

(see and click on HR/Payroll from the ribbon at the top.   Available reports will populate. For sample descriptions of reports, click on the View Details link to see the list of fields)

Sections marked with * will be used for the Report Dashboard short description

If you still have questions or need additional assistance submit a ticket by emailing us at