How to Enroll in Direct Deposit


Benefits of Direct Deposit:


Steps to Take

  1. Login to UCPath online
  2. Select Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit
  3. Add, update, or delete your direct deposit information.
  4. To add direct deposit information, enter the bank routing number, the account type, the account number, and the direct deposit amount or percentage.
  5. Select Save. Please note the initial set-up may take up two two weeks to become effective.


For a guided simulation on how to enroll in direct deposit, use the following UCPath Help Simulations below:

  1. To learn how to add direct deposit, use the Add Direct Deposit simulation.
  2. To learn how to change direct deposit, use the Change Direct Deposit simulation.
  3. To learn how to delete direct deposit, use the Delete Direct Deposit simulation.


Frequently Asked Questions

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