Kuali Subaward Invoice Wire Transfer Payments


Payment Services sends electronic wire payments to foreign payees with bank accounts that are not located within the United States and only when no other form of payment is accepted.

For Kuali Research Subaward invoice payments via a wire transfer, you must follow a 2 step process.

Steps To Take

Step 1 - Process the invoice in Kuali and type “Wire” in front of the invoice number while completing the invoice fields (ex. Wire-25634). This will stop the integration from automatically paying the subrecipient through normal payment methods.
Step 2 – Submit an Electronic Wire Request, this will create a ticket.
You will need to upload the Wire Transfer Cover Sheet and a copy of the Invoice. 
In the form, you will designate your Financial Approver and they will receive a notification to approve in their ServiceNow Approvals.
Wire transfers are typically completed within 3-5 business days. For updates, view the ticket to see when it's been paid in the bank and then again once it's been posted in Oracle.