Kuali Research Proposal Types

Continuation - A non-competitive proposal for the next funding increment of a current project usually submitted annually, if required by the agency. 

     - Unfunded Agreement: Select “Continuation” if this is an amendment to an existing unfunded agreement.  
New - A competitive proposal for support of a project that is being submitted for funding the first time. 
     - Unfunded Agreement: Select “New” if this is a new agreement. 

Renewal - A proposal to renew an expiring project, which will be reviewed competitively with other proposals and for which funding is not assured.

Resubmission - A competitive proposal that was previously submitted but was not funded and is being amended for resubmission.

Revision - A proposal application that proposes a change in the Federal Government's financial obligations or contingent liability from an existing obligation/award (e.g., NIH requires that requests for supplements to their grant awards be submitted using the proposal type of “Revision”). A Revision in this context is always a change to an existing award.

Changed/Corrected - A “new” proposal previously submitted to an agency that is being funded but needs to be revised to incorporate changes requested by the funding agency (dollars or research).(e.g., If there is a "New" record that in the course of JIT or other pre award negotiations has an informal revision (such as if emailing to a program officer a revised budgetary or scope) that does not require formal submission of a Revised Application to the agency then the record stays as original.