Recalling Proposals


How to recall proposals in Kuali Research without requesting the Sponsored Projects Officer to reject/return for edits.

Steps To Take

1.  In the Kuali Research proposal, navigate to the Summary/Submit screen and click Recall

2. Enter a reason for recalling the proposal in the text field and click Ok

3. An error message will appear, the record will not be editable in this screen. In order to edit the record, the proposal will need to be searched for again

4. Copy the proposal number and navigate to the Search Records screen. Search for the proposal number and click the blue linked record number

5. In the proposal, the status will be "Revisions Requested" and the recall comments can be viewed in the Attachments section under the Notes tab

6. Once the edits have been made, navigate to the Summary/Submit section of the proposal and click Submit for Review to re-route the proposal


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