Creating Filters in Kuali IRB


Basic steps on how users can create filters for protocol applications.

Steps to Take

In Kuali IRB, you set up filters on your “Manage Protocols” screen to quickly find specific protocol applications.

  1. On the “Manage Protocols” screen, click the text Advanced Filter to the right of the search bar in top center.  This will open up a box titled Filter Rules where you can set specific search rules.  Multiple rules can be applied to the Filter to narrow the search engine to unique subsets of data.

  2. You are able to set rules so the filter searches through applications by:

    1. “Choose Field” – this drop down list correlates with the column headings.  Examples include:
      1. “Title” – title of your research study
      2. “Number” – protocol application number assigned
      3. “PI” – Principal Investigator
      4. “Submission Type” – if your application is New, Initial, Amendment or Renewal
      5. “Create At” – select a timeframe for application initiation
      6. “Submitted” – all Submitted applications
      7. “Status” – search for applications in a specific Status such as In Progress, Submitted for Review, Revisions Required
      8. “Lead Unit” – search for applications with a specific department listed

    2.  “Choose Operator” – this drop down list determines what data to pull based on the Field.  Examples include:
      1. “is blank” – the Field selected does not have data
      2. “is not blank” – the selected Field has data, but it is not specified
      3. “is equal to” – you select options from a drop down list within the selected Field that may “equal” your desired data
      4. “contains” – you are able to enter text to search for within the selected Field
      5. “is among” – you select options from a drop down list

  3. Once you have selected your desired Fields and Operators, those applications should populate on your “Manage Protocols” screen.  You can then save this filter in the bar Save these as: and create a title for the Filter.

  4. Once you have saved a Filter, you can select and copy the page address from your navigation bar then share it with a research team member or Principal Investigator.