Search for Proposals


How to search for proposals in Kuali Research.


Critical Concepts

The search results may vary depending on the Kuali Research roles and permissions of the user searching. Sponsored Project Officers can view search results from all units, Management Service Officers, Department Business Officers, and Research Administrators can run a report for the unit(s) they are associated with.

The below search example utilizes the Lead Unit and Proposal Creation dates, however, there is various criteria users can utilize to search for proposals.


Steps to Take

1. Log into Kuali Research 

2. Click on Common Tasks then click Proposal Search

3. Find the Lead Unit field and click the magnifying glass 

4. In the Unit Lookup window, find the Unit Name field and enter in the name or a portion of the name using (*) on each side and click Search


5. Click Select for the desired unit

6. The selected Lead Unit will populate the Lead Unit field. You can enter additional search criteria such as "Proposal Created Date" by typing in a date or using the calendar function to select a date. Once the preferred search criteria has been entered, click Search

6. Scroll down to view the search results, you can expand the results by updating the visible entry amount and also export the results into excel


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If you still have questions or need additional assistance, submit a ticket or call the UCSD Kuali Research Help Desk at (858) 534-9979