How to add a Delegate in Kuali COI

Adding a Delegate in Kuali COI

Kuali COI system allows an Investigator to give someone else, i.e., delegate, the ability to enter data on his/her behalf in the Kuali COI system; however, the Investigator must verify, certify and submit. Delegates will receive the same Kuali COI email notifications as the Investigator.

1. Log in to the Kuali COI at

2. Select “Manage Delegates” in the dark grey left hand bar

3. Select “+ Add Delegate” blue button on the right hand side

4. A new search box opens. Enter the name of the person you would like to add as a delegate. Once you have found the right person, click the “Add” button. If name not found, try searching by their UCSD email address.

5. Once a delegate has been added, more delegates can be added by selecting the blue "+ Add Delegate" button

6. For the Investigator to remove a delegate: click on "MY DELEGATES" and select the trash icon next to the delegate’s name

7. For the Delegate to remove themselves from an Investigator: click on "USERS DELEGATED TO ME" and then select the trash icon next to the Investigator’s name.

For questions, please contact the Conflict of Interest Office at or (858) 534-6465.