How to Enter Financial Entities after REMS Integration

Instructions for Investigator and Delegates

for Entering Financial Entities

Federal PHS or Federal Non-PHS


In Kuali COI, for an Investigator who answered “Yes” to the Federal PHS or Federal Non-PHS Gating Question, the Investigator or their delegate will need to choose the Financial Entity from a UCOP database called REMS. This changes the way Financial Entities are entered by the Investigator.


Log in to Kuali COI using UCSD Credentials and Duo Two-Factor Authentication.

For Entities Entered Previously

For entries made prior to 3/15/2022, the Entity Name entered previously will display in MANUAL ENTITY NAME column. The entity name from REMS, that corresponds to the manually entered entity, will display in the ENTITY NAME column.

No further action is required from the investigators unless an update of interest(s) is needed to an entity.

Entering New Financial Entities

1. Select “Add Line” to open the entity page.

2. Start typing the entity name, and then entity name(s) will show up in the drop down menu.

3. Select the correct option from the dropdown.

4. If entity name does not appear in the drop down, please enter “Miscellaneous Sponsors” and select “MISCELLANEOUS SPONSORS”.


5. Type the full legal name of the entity under “Entity Name” in the free form text box below.

6. Enter applicable financial relationship with entity, then select Done.

7. Proceed with federal project declaration as applicable, then click submit on the last screen to submit the federal portfolio in Kuali COI to the COI Office.

8. COI Office will enter the entity under MISCELLANEOUS SPONSORS into REMS (UCOP database).

9. COI Office will have to return the disclosure to the Investigator once REMS has the new entity name. The Kuali COI system will notify the Investigator and their delegate(s) when the new entity is ready for the investigator to link to their federal portfolio.

10. Investigator will log in to Kuali COI and resubmit the disclosure by clicking through the pages to allow the REMS data is populated. Click ‘Next’ all the way through the system and then ‘Submit’.

Tips for Entering Financial Entities

1. For scientific conferences, use the association or university or college that paid the interest

a. Exception is for annual hosted conferences that might occur at different universities every year because those usually have an actual organization behind it

2. For journals, use the publisher of the journal

3. University Hospitals or Centers or Labs within a higher education institute, use the higher education institute they are listed under

4. For companies with multiple international locations/offices, use the sponsor with the headquarters in the US unless the investigator knows they are being paid by a particular international branch

5. For lawsuit settlements as an expert witness, use the name of the law firm

6. For awards and honoraria, use the organization issuing the award

7. If a company was bought or merged with another company, use the new company

8. If a new start-up company or unable to locate the company name, type in “MISCELLANEOUS SPONSORS” and manual type the company’s full legal name.