How to Fill Out Required Fields on Proposals Using The Data Validation Tool

If the proposal was submitted to the sponsor, but the administrative record is incomplete, please complete the required fields on your proposal, and route the Kuali Record as soon as possible so we can submit it in the system and get it recorded.


To see which fields are required for you to complete, please click on the Data Validation button at the top of the toolbar, and then turn it on to scan your proposal for any missing information, conflicting answers, etc:



Warnings vs Errors

You can submit your Kuali record if there are only warnings that are presented from the data validation scan (this is if you verified that the warning is not a problem). However, you cannot submit the Kuali record if there is an error. You will need to click on the 'Fix It' button and correct the error before you submit:



After you have cleared all errors, you can submit your proposal in the Summary/Submit section of the proposal. Be sure to turn off the data validation as it may slow down your workflow if you need to click through different sections of your proposal:

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