Kuali Research Compliance Error


Kuali Research does not have the 'COI' and 'EH&S' compliance categories as an option. Proposals migrated from ePD with the special review lines 'COI' and 'EH&S' that have not been submitted will receive an error message.


In the Kuali Research proposal:

  1. Navigate to the Compliance section
  2. Click the drop down arrow to the left of the compliance entry
  3. Update the Compliance entry 'Type' field to an available option such as 'Human Subjects'
  4. Update the Approval Status field to 'Pending' 
  5. Once all 'COI' and 'EH&S' compliance entries have been updated, click Save at the bottom of the screen
  6. To the right of the Compliance entries that should be removed, click the small trashcan icon to delete
  7. Once the error Compliance item(s) have been deleted, click Save