How to Resubmit an S2S Proposal


If a proposal has been approved and submitted via S2S, but errors are brought back from the sponsor that require a change/correct submission, or the Principal Investigator has updates, the below steps should be followed by the Research Administrator and Officer

Steps To Take

1. The Research Administrator should copy the submitted proposal. The proposal can be copied from inside the proposal using the Copy link in the Action Bar at the top of the screen:

2. After clicking Copy, the following fields will display in the Copy to New Document window:

3. Click the Copy… button and a new proposal will load with the copied over information

4. In the Proposal Details screen, the appropriate Change/Corrected Proposal Type for the Proposal being resubmitted should be selected.

5. Next navigate to the S2S Opportunity Search page and update the Submission Type field to Change/Corrected Application. Also confirm that your Opportunity ID is correct.

6. Next, navigate to the Key Personnel screen and notice that all the certifications are now marked as incomplete. Because there is a link back to the original certification it is possible to proxy certify this proposal and use the original Proposal Development document as a record. Complete all necessary Certifications with the answers from the original proposal.

7. Next, navigate to the Attachments screen and set all of your attachments to Complete:

8. Next Navigate to the Budget Screen and set your budget as a Complete Budget and mark it to Include for Submission using the Budget Actions menu.

9. Be sure to fix the item(s) for which this change/corrected proposal is needed.

10. When the proposal is ready to submit again go to the Summary/Submit page and press the Submit for Review button.

11. Once your proposal is fully approved again by the SPO, the SPO will press the Submit to S2S button to complete the Change Corrected process.

12. A Resubmission Options window will display. The SPO should select Generate a new version of Original Institutional Proposal (IP Number) if they want to avoid creating a new IP for this Change Corrected action. Then press the Proceed button.