NIH F31 Budget Guide for Predoctoral Applicants

Filling out the NIH F31 Application – Budget Guide:

Projected Budgets

Select the Projected Budget in accordance with the years of support you are requesting from the NIH.
Projected budgets are subject to change without notice and based on changes/adjustments from predoctoral stipend level, institutional allowance, and UCSD Graduate Division tuition and fees.
* Per NRSA Policy, health insurance is paid from the institutional allowance.
There are two locations within the ASSIST application where you need to enter budget information: R&R Cover and Fellowship Supplement.

R&R Cover

Once you have accessed the NIH F31 application in ASSIST, see Form SF424 (Application for Federal Assistance) under the R&R Cover tab. 

Fill out Line 15 (Estimated Project Funding) based on the selected budget projection chart.

For Lines A and C, enter the total from the Total row (green on the Projected Budget). 

For Lines B and D, enter $0


Fellowship Supplement

Fill out Line 27 (Budget Section: Tuition and Fees) using the Net NRSA Tuition and Fees row (blue on the Projected Budget) from your selected projected budget table. Unused years should be left blank (do not enter zeros).


Budget Projection Sources


NIH sets the predoctoral stipend level.

Institutional Allowance:

NIH sets the Institutional Allowance.

Tuition and Fees calculation:

Tuition and Fees Chart from Graduate Division T/F page. Everything except for the health insurance fee is included in the total of tuition and fees. Health insurance is not an allowable cost for the tuition and fees request for NIH. If awarded, health insurance fees may be paid out of the institutional allowance.
The current year’s tuition and fees serve more as a jumping off point because if awarded these students will not be paying for tuition and fees this year, but next year, so the 10 percent increase applies to the first year of requested tuition and fees.