American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

The American Heart Association (AHA) offers a Predoctoral Fellowship to enhance the research and clinical training of aspiring professionals in a predoctoral or clinical health degree.

At a glance:

Please note that this Fellowship requires you to either be an American Heart Association Professional Member or pay $349 for premium professional membership application submission (student memberships are $109).

This fellowship is subject to internal deadlines set by the Office of Contracts and Grants.

Determining Which On-Campus Office To Apply Through

Office of Contracts and Grants Administration (OCGA)


Visit the American Heart Association website for updates


AHA Predoctoral Fellowship 2024 Deadlines 



What's Due 
August 23, 2023 
Create KR record, notifying OCGA of intent to apply 

KR record, including: Deadline Date, Agreement Type, Principal Investigator, Faculty Mentor, Organization/FinUnit Code, Sponsor 


August 30, 2023 
Internal Deadline 

Route completed KR record to OCGA and email them that your application is in final form and ready for review.  

If you submit your application for review without the attachments, the attachments will not be reviewed and it will be the responsibility of the applicant to check for formatting and other requirements.  

OCGA will review the application, provide revisions if necessary, and sign the application. The student and mentor must sign before submitting the application to OCGA.  

Letters of recommendation do not need to be submitted at this time. It is preferred but not required. The main objective for this deadline is to review application materials and obtain the institutional signature by OCGA. 

September 6, 2023 

by 3:00 PM Central Time 

Agency Deadline 

The student submits the application to AHA. By this time letters of recommendation should be uploaded. 

New: a student will not be able to submit their application until the reference writers have uploaded their letters to ProposalCentral.  

Earliest award start date: January 1, 2024 


The AHA Predoctoral Fellowship application is subject to both internal campus and AHA deadlines.

The AHA’s application allows for the student to submit their application directly to the agency in the portal. However, prior to submitting the application, the student must obtain a signature from the OCGA Grant Official to submit. To request the OCGA signature, all internal deadlines must be adhered to.

If you do not meet these internal deadlines, the OCGA cannot guarantee on-time submission. We will do our best to accommodate, however, delayed submission of materials may result in errors that take time to fix, which then result in a late submission.


Campus Requirements to Process AHA Application

Kuali Research Record Number

Conflict of Interest Forms

How to Apply

Application Process

Submitting an American Heart Association (AHA) Predoctoral Fellowship proposal is a multifaceted process. In addition to the AHA Application Guide link above, the following sections noted below provide additional and important information pertaining to the application process.

Accounts Needed for Submission

The Application

In ProposalCentral search for American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship under Grant Opportunities.  

2024 AHA Research Funding Application Instructions: These application instructions will walk you through the ProposalCentral Application (see UCSD Specific Information for Application for additional guidance). 

Required Application Documents: This AHA instruction guide has detailed information about all of the attachments that should be uploaded into ProposalCentral, including Third-Party Personnel documents. 

Helpful Tips: 

  • Third-Party Personnel Uploads Section: Upload in this section ONLY, the uploads will be repeated in the upload attachment section if done correctly. You should be able to upload these documents after creating an entry for each key person. These documents should also meet the formatting requirements for AHA, the only document that you do not need to meet AHA formatting requirements are biosketches. 
  • Click the validate button to run a quick check over your materials and the system will alert you if any materials are missing. This is a very superficial review, so double-check that your attachments follow the AHA Formatting Guidelines, referenced in the AHA Research Funding Application Instructions. 
  • Budget: There are predetermined allowable costs for this fellowship, which include, stipend, health insurance, and other project support. This fellowship excludes indirect costs. You may apply for up to two years of support. 

UCSD Specific Information for Application


Lead Institution

Select the Lead Institution “The Regents of the University of California, San Diego.” The information that populates should look like this:

Lead institution information

Address: 9500 Gilman Drive, Dept 0934

City: La Jolla

State: CA

Zip: 92093-0934

Country: United States

Type of Institution: Public-Federal

Socially and Economically Disadvantaged: No

Women-owned: No

Type of Entity: State

Duns Number: 80-435-5790

IRS EIN or TIN: 95-6006144

There should also be a long list of institutional contacts. 



Grants Officer

Enter email. This should populate the name of Signing Official Jeniffer Lapek.

Fiscal Officer

From the list, select Deston Halverson – Financial Officer (

Technology Transfer Officer

From the list, select Dolores Palacios – Technology Transfer Officer (


Letters of Reference

Reference Letter Submission Process