Updating the Supplier Site ID on a Subaward


How to update the Supplier Site ID on an Outgoing Subaward in Kuali Research

Steps To Take

1. Open the record and click edit at the bottom of the main screen 

2. If this is a modification, navigate to the Description field and enter Supplier Site ID Update, then provide an explanation in the Explanation field:

3. Go to the Subrecipient field and click on the book icon to the right of the field:

4. A pop-up window for the Subrecipient Organization will open, scroll down and note the Subrecipient's Vendor Code:

5. In Oracle, download the OFC Suppliers Report by going to the Oracle dashboard > Reports and Analytics > click on the '>>' next to 'All Folders' > Shared Folders > Custom > UC San DiegoUCSD – OTBI Analyses > UCSD-A P2P OFC-Suppliers

6. Once the report is downloaded, search for the Vendor Code in the Supplier Number column. Please note, sometimes the vendor code is listed more than once:

7. Locate the correct address that correlates with the Vendor Code that invoice payments will be mailed to. This should match the address on the subrecipient's invoice. Then, note the Supplier Site that is affiliated with the correct address. In the example below, it is PAYMT CK 2. If the invoice address is not listed, you will need to send an invitation to the subrecipient to either add or update their address to the system.

8. Enter the Supplier Site into the Kuali Research Subaward Supplier Site ID field. This ID is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as it is noted in the report:

9. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save:

10. If this is a modification, navigate to the Subaward Actions screen and click on submit:

11. If this is a modification, do not submit invoices until this modification has been approved by the Subaward Team.