Updating Principal Investigators / Co-Investigators in Kuali Research Award


How to update Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators in the Kuali Research Award module. This is an administrative amendment that does not have a Time and Money component.

Steps To Take

1. In the Kuali Research Award under the Award tab, navigate to the Details & Dates section

2. Enter the amendment number into the Modification ID field

3. Navigate to the Contacts tab

4. In the Key Personnel and Credit Split section delete the Principal Investigator by clicking delete under the Actions column

5. Add a new Principal Investigator

6. At the bottom center of the screen, click Save

7. Navigate to the Comments, Notes, & Attachments tab

8. In the Attachments section, add the NOA / Agreement (this can be done before or after Conflict of Interest is notified)

7. Notify Conflict of Interest (COI) if the new PI needs to disclose

10. If Conflict of Interest approves, navigate to the Award Actions tab and click submit

11. Notify Office of Post Award Financial Services (OPAFS) of the Principal Investigator amendment on the award.


If you still have questions or need additional assistance, submit a ticket to the UCSD Kuali Research Help Desk