How Delegates assist with a Researcher


How Delegates assist with a Researcher’s COI Disclosure(s) in Kuali COI

1. Log in to Kuali COI at http://ucsd/

2. Click “DISCLOSURES DELEGATED TO ME” on the COI homepage

Once a delegate logs into Kuali COI homepage, the first page is “My Disclosures”. This will create a disclosure for the delegate. Do NOT click the create or submit button for yourself, unless you know you are PI or senior key on research projects.

3. All of the people who have delegated to you are located in the dropdown menu. To create a disclosure, you must pick a name from that list and then click the blue button “Create Disclosure”. If there is already a disclosure from the delegator, then the button will say “Update Disclosure”.

4. After clicking the blue button, you, as the delegate, can complete/edit the disclosure portfolio for this particular PI. The history of disclosers under the update disclosure button, is only for the researcher chosen.  If the “create” or “update” disclosure buttons do not appear, then you need to request the disclosure be returned

5. What delegates cannot do:

a. Delegates cannot sign, certify and submit the researcher’s portfolio.

b. If the researcher has 700-U projects, the delegate cannot go further past the signing of 700-U page until the reporter/researcher has to logged in and “validate/submit” screen.

c. If the researcher has federal projects, the delegate cannot certify and submit the researcher’s portfolio.

6. Once at the federal certification screen then the delegate should click the “Back” button to get return to the “My Disclosure” screen to access the “Disclosures Delegated to Me”.

a. Please make sure to save all work so that the records remain for when the researcher needs to verify and submit the disclosure portfolio.

Please note: Delegates do not have the ability to communicate to the Researcher in the Kuali COI system.  Delegates will need to inform the Researcher outside of Kuali COI that they have entered data on their behalf.