How to Request Disclosure to be Returned

After you have submitted your Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure portfolio, and received a notification to update or need to edit your disclosure, you may be locked out of the system (status is “Submitted for Approval”). Please follow the below instructions on how to request your COI disclosure portfolio be returned back to you by the COI office.

1. Log into Kuali COI using your Business Systems credentials and two-factor authentication

2. Check to make sure the “Status” of your most recent disclosure portfolio submission (the most recent blue date and time) is “Submitted for Approval” with a yellow circle. If the top most line is not at the Status of “Submitted for Approval” these instructions will not work.

Click the blue date and time that is in line with “Submitted for Approval” (for this example: April 24, 2020 2:22PM submission)

3. Click the hyperlink “request to edit” in the red bar to submit a request to COI admin for your disclosure to be returned.

4. There will be a small window with a confirmation of the request. Click the “Request Edit” button to submit the request.

Please wait for the system to finish processing your request. DO NOT REFRESH.

5. Once your request has been submitted, the red bar will change color to orange and contain the date and time of your request.

6. Once your request has been approved by COI office you will receive a Kuali email notification stating your disclosure has been returned.

7. Once you log bag into Kuali COI, use the blue date and time in line with the status “Returned” with the red circle to update or edit your disclosure.


In the event you want to cancel a request to edit:

Click the “Cancel Edit Request” on the right hand side of the screen.

You can confirm your request has been cancelled when the orange bar turns back to red.