How to check COI status in Kuali COI

Use the following steps to see dispositions set for projects within a researcher’s disclosure portfolio.

1. Log in to Kuali COI using UCSD Credentials and Duo Two-Factor Authentication

2. You can use any of the hyperlinked dates to access a previous disclosure submission. A disposition (COI review status) will be visible for any disclosure submission with the status “Approved” or “Archived”

Do not click the hyperlinked date and time with the “Status” “Update Required” because dispositions will not be available on that past submission.

For “In Progress” submissions, no dispositions will be set for projects as the disclosure portfolio has not yet been submitted to the COI office for review.

3. At the top of the page, you will see the reporter information, as well as additional information about the time of submission and the submission approval date. This is how you know you are in a previous submission.

You can see the disposition set for the entire disclosure portfolio at the top of the page as well.

4. For the disposition set for each individual project, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the disclosure where all the projects are listed as individual cards. You can use the search bar to search for a particular project. Search parameters include Project Title, Kuali Research project ID number, Sponsor.

5. Once you have found the project that you would like to check the status of, please click the dropdown arrow on the right hand side of the card. The disposition for that particular project will be listed underneath Project Disposition.