Kuali Research Subaward Modification Types

Carry Forward/Carryover - Carryover is forwarding an unobligated balance of funds from current budget year to cover allowable costs in a future budget year. A carryover must be requested in support of activities aligned with a grantee’s existing project goals and objectives to cover costs not already incurred by the recipient. Note: Authorization of carryforward/carryover (must obtain approval from the sponsor prior to authorizing for the sub if restricted by the sponsor).

Continuation - A continuation applies to a multi-year award. The continuation modification requests the already proposed & approved funds for the next phase (or next year) of the project. Usually an addition of time to the period of performance and Addition of funding to the agreement. Additional funding awarded for budget periods following the initial budget period of a multi-year project.
Decrease Funding - If the period of performance is over and the final invoice clearly marked as such has been received, we do not need to decrease the funding. You may close the KR Subaward record which will release the funding commitment.
Increment - Funds are obligated to cover the amount allotted;  the partial funding of a Subaward or Subcontract or an exercised option, with additional funds anticipated to be provided at a later time. Usually there is not a change in the end date of the budget period only an allocation of funds.
Initial Funding - The initial funding period of the agreement (Year One for the Subaward).
No Cost Extension - A no-cost extension extends the period of performance beyond the current budget or project end date without additional funding.
Other - May include but not limited to: