Detailed Budget Personnel and R&R Budget Object Code Mapping 


How the Kuali Research Proposal Development Detailed Budget Personnel Object Codes map to the System-to-System R&R Budget Form.

R&R Budget and KR Personnel Object Code Mapping 

R&R Budget Personnel CategoryKuali Research Personnel Object Codes
Senior/Key Person

Senior Personnel - (1) HCOMP Faculty & Doctors

Senior Personnel - (2) Faculty, Leadership & Professionals

Senior Personnel - (5) General Staff and All Other

Senior Personnel - (A) Faculty Summer Salary

Post Doctoral Associates

Fellows - Non-Student - Not Subj to IDC

Postdoctoral Associates - (B) Post Doc Scholars

Graduate StudentsGraduate Students - (D) Students & No Eligibility
Undergraduate StudentsUndergraduate Student - (D) Students & No Eligibility
Secretarial/ClericalSecretarial / Clerical - (4) Campus Support

Other Personnel - (3) Service Professionals

Other Personnel - (4) Campus Support

Other Personnel - (5) General Staff and All Other

Other Professionals

Other Professionals - (2) Faculty, Leadership & Professionals

Other Professionals - (5) General Staff and All Other

Allocated Admin Support