PI Permissions Step by Step


UCSD IRB has transferred to their new submission portal, Kuali IRB. There is a one‐time step for existing studies that we are asking PIs to complete granting access to the applications in the new portal.

Steps to Take



  1. Log in
    1. Link can be found at irb.ucsd.edu

      Or at https://ucsd.kuali.co/protocols/portal/protocols
      You will need to enter a username and password

    2. Log in credentials
      Faculty or Dual Appointment: UCSD Active Directory username and password
      Non-UCSD Researcher: UCSD Business Systems username and password
  2. Navigate to the protocol you wish to edit. Reference protocol list provided by your regulatory associate. Select by clicking on protocol title.
    • Green Box: “Title” of the protocol will be in blue text and you can click to open the protocol application.
    • Black Box: “Submission Type” will indicate the type of application associated with your protocol.
    • Blue Box: When there are two lines for the same protocol, to grant access, make sure to select “Initial” under “Submission Type” (Black Box).
    • Orange Box: The second line for the same protocol will display the “Amendment”.
    • Red Box: Additional protocols that are “In Progress” where you can grant access to your associate.
  3. Select Permissions Tab
  4. Select “Add User”
  5. Search for Regulatory Associate’s Name in new field. As you type, potential matches will be listed. Select the correct contact.
    • For UCSD Faculty & Staff: Username will display as “first name. last name. vanity email (portion of email before “@”)”
      • Reference Blue Arrow & Box below
  6. For non-UCSD users: Username will display as “first name. last name. Business System Account #”
      • Reference Green Box: Correct account
  7. Select “Full Access” for editing capabilities (green box) then click "Add" (yellow box).

The permission for that Regulatory Associate for that protocol is now complete! Please continue to the next study by navigating back to the Manage Protocols screen (click the “<-Back” button next to the study title in the blue bar at the top).  Or if complete, exit system.

  1. Navigate back to protocol list. Select Back Button.
  2. Select Manage Protocols Button and then select the next protocol in the list and repeat steps #3 - 6 above.