Choosing the correct UCSD Credentials

UCSD Credentials in Kuali IRB

In transferring studies from the legacy eIRB Services to Kuali IRB, incorrect user information was used for Principal Investigators on some of the ‘shell’ records created and needs to be corrected with the accurate account information.  Incorrect user accounts display with “extP###” (red line):

To fix the application so it is associated with your Principal Investigator’s correct user information and to add Study Team members or another user in Kuali IRB, please make sure to select one of the following accounts:

  1.  For UCSD Faculty and Staff, please make sure the account information displays as “First Name” (green line) dot “Last Name” (blue line) dot “Vanity Email” (red line).  The “Vanity email” refers to the portion of the UCSD user’s email address before the ‘@’ symbol.

  2. For non-UCSD researchers or individuals and UCSD students, please make sure the account information displays as “first name” (green line) dot “last name” (blue line) dot “5 numbers” (red line) to indicate their Business Systems account.

These accounts can be selected and added on the “Study Personnel” section of the application if the individual is part of the study team. 

If the individual needs access to the application to assist in preparation and submission of the application, but does not engage in research activities/is not part of the study team, they can be selected and added on the “Permissions Tab” – PI Permissions Step-by-Step.