Kuali IRB Access Requests - UC San Diego Students


Due to the complexity within the UC San Diego identity management systems, "non-employee" Students will need to request access credentials.  Students not employed by the university are not automatically provisioned with credentials to access UC San Diego research administration software, but there is a need for certain student groups to be able to submit research studies to the Office of IRB Administration.  The process described below is a university wide process on how to gain access to Kuali IRB but it is not unique to, or managed by, the Kuali platform.

The Access Request process has two parts: the Student submitter and the UCSD DSA processes. This is the “Student submitter” side steps of the process.

Reminder for "Student Employee":

Students employed by the university will receive an Active Directory (AD) account which will allow them to access the Kuali platform: 

  1. Active Directory usernames are typically set up with the "first initial of their first name" and their "entire last name".  If an individual cannot remember or find their username, please direct them to the ITS Service Desk (for General Campus) or Health IS (for Health Sciences). 
  2. If they have their AD username, but cannot remember their password, please direct them to this online tool to reset it: UCSD Password Change Tool

Access Request Process for non-employee Students:

UC San Diego Students should consult with their Faculty Advisors and discuss the need to access Kuali IRB. Only those required to submit applications or interact with the appropriate IRB’s should be provisioned with access to Kuali IRB.


  1. After the steps below are completed, temporary passwords will be emailed for newly created accounts.  
  2. Please make sure to reset your temporary password within 24 hours from the email confirmation.
  3. DO NOT log into Kuali IRB at the same time
  4. Once you have reset your password, please wait 5 working days for account information to flow into the Kuali platform.

Steps to Take

For any Students that are required to access Kuali IRB, they will need to obtain a “Sponsored Affiliates” account from their Department.  This will generate a UCSD Business Systems SSO (Single Sign-On) identity for the individual.  The individual will need to do the following:

  1. If the Student is collaborating with a specific UC San Diego department (for example, Medicine), their Faculty Advisor must send a request to their department with the following required information
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Request for: Sponsored Affiliates account with Business Systems SSO 
    5. Justification for needing access to Kuali IRB (e.g., “I am a Student researcher / Student study contact for Dr. [insert PI's name] and need to submit applications to the UCSD IRB Committees”)

2. The Faculty Advisor's department will review and process the request.

3. Once your request has been approved, the Department Security Administrator (DSA) for the department will engage in the creation of a “Sponsored Affiliates” account. 

After the DSA has completed the necessary steps, you will be notified by via email that your account has been set up.

If the individual is experiencing issues accessing Kuali IRB once the account has been created, the Faculty Advisor can contact the Office of IRB Administration at irb@health.ucsd.edu.