Kuali Access for Non-Employees

The user will need to be added to UC Path as a current and/or future contingent worker.

Please reach out to your department's HR Representative to have them added.

Once they are added, it will take approximately 3 business days for the information to make it to Kuali.

Access to Kuali for non-employees can be obtained by adding the person to UC Path and setting them up as a current and/or future contingent worker



After a person is added to UC Path, it takes approximately 3 business days for that information to make it to Kuali via the daily HR Feed.  As long as the person continues to have a current/future appointment in UC Path, they will be active in Kuali and can log in here.

For questions about UC Path, please contact Human Resources

For questions about Kuali, please contact the appropriate team using this page.