How to Request an NCE

Extending a project's end date

If a funded project's end date is approaching but the principal investigator (PI) has not yet spent all of the money awarded, a no-cost extension allows the end date to be extended. A no-cost extension request is an amendment to the award agreement to extend the end date without adding additional funding (“No Cost Extension” or “NCE”). An NCE request may need to be formally submitted to the sponsor for approval and then reported to UCSD contract offices.

Guidance for Direct Federal Awards: To extend the term or end date of an award funded to UCSD directly by a federal sponsor, please complete the “Direct Federal Grant NCE” request eForm.

Guidance for all other Awards: For all other NCE requests, the department should work with the funding sponsor to obtain written approval of the term extension. Often, a sponsor requires justification for the extension. Prior to contacting OCGA, the department/PI should provide the necessary information to the sponsor and obtain approval for the extension. In most cases, an email from the sponsor’s authorized official is acceptable. This written approval should be provided to OCGA with the request for an NCE.

General guidelines