How to have an Officer assigned to your Proposal

OCGA Officers are assigned to proposals on a rotating basis. Because of this, there is no pre-designated officer who one can reach out to for assistance with a proposals. In order to connect with an officer, follow the steps below.

Create a Kuali Research Proposal Development Record


1. Initiate your PD record by clicking Create a Proposal in the top left corner of your KR homepage


2. You should now see the PD record's initiation screen. Complete each field according to your proposal's particular criteria and click Save and Continue.


Enter Routing Information


Once your record has been created, be sure to enter the five below pieces of information into it. Entering this information will trigger the routing process and, within a few hours, you will receive an email notification disclosing the name and contact information for your proposal's officer.


1. Deadline Date - Already entered via PD's initiation screen.


2. Agreement Type - Already entered via PD's initiation screen.


3. Principal Investigator - Enter this information in the Key Personnel section.


4. Organization/FinUnit Code - Enter this information in the Supplemental Information section. This one can be tricky. Need help? Find instructions here.


5. Sponsor - Already entered via PD's initiation screen.