How to Identify Unclaimed Incoming Payments

How to Check for Unclaimed Fund Transfers


The University receives many bank wires that remain unclaimed. Unapplied receipts are posted in Oracle in the Receivables module (Receivables / Accounts Receivables / Unapplied Receipts). All amounts reflect the transfer balance minus bank fees.

To make a claim, fill out a copy of the Unidentified Payment Claim Form Claim Form-Unidentified Payment and submit it via the  UC San Diego Services & Support portal, by filling out your ticket as follows:


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More Specifically: Claiming Payments from Unapplied Receipts with the Unapplied Receipts.


Once your ticket is filled out with the above information and your Claim Form is attached, submit it. 

For more detailed instructions, review the BFS's Knowledge Based Article (KBA) in Services and Support.


How to View and Help Identify Unclaimed Deposits


The university receives many deposits that remain unclaimed. Campus policy requires all checks to be deposited immediately, including deposits for which the owner department has not yet been identified.

Generally, these unidentified deposits are credited to an undistributed cash account until they can be identified and credited to the proper owner.

To help identify unclaimed deposits:


1Navigate to Receivables > Accounts Receivables > Unapplied Receipts
2Filter by Business Unit, by selecting All Business Units drop down e.g. UCSD Campus, UCSD Foundation, etc.
3Use the Filter icon to add Search fields above columns
4In the Unapplied Amount field, search by amount – use decimal points but remove trailing zeros, e.g. search by 250.5, instead of 250.50

Click on the desired receipt to view additional information:

Receipt Method: Check, Wire, ACH

Comments: In some cases this field will contain bank reference numbers or cashier notes

6The Oracle receipt number, invoice transaction number, and/or chart of accounts information is needed to process a departmental claim request
7Complete a copy of the Unidentified Payment Claim Form

Create a Service and Support ticket, attach your completed form and use the following criteria fill out and submit your ticket:

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Unclaimed Electronic (Bank Wires and ACH)