Kuali IRB Quick Sheet - Submitting for Reliance Acceptance


Relying on an external IRB at UCSD is a two-step process. A flow chart outlining the whole process is available here. The first step is obtaining clearance. Instructions for how to submit for this first step can be found here. Once a researcher obtains clearance to submit to an external IRB, they should submit to the external IRB following the processes of the external IRB. Once the external IRB has issued approval for the UCSD researcher, the researcher needs to complete step two of the process which is acceptance of the reliance with the external IRB. This document walks researchers through the steps to submit for reliance acceptance.

Steps to Take

1. Start by logging into Kuali IRB.

2. Find your study on the manage protocols page and enter the study by clicking on the study title (green box below).

3. In the study application in Kuali, navigate to the "Supporting Information" section of the application by clicking on the "Supporting Information" link (red box below).

4. Upload the required documents for acceptance: the IRB approved UCSD site specific informed consent document, the IRB approval letter for UCSD as a relying site, and the IRB approved UCSD site specific recruitment materials (if any). These required documents are also listed in the "Supporting Information" section (blue box below). To add new documents to this section click the "+ Add Line" button (orange box below) once for each document that needs to be added.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the "Supporting Information" section and then either click the "+ Choose" button (green box below) or drag and drop the file onto the open space (red box below). Select an appropriate attachment type from the drop down menu (orange box below) and provide details of the document uploaded in the far left column (blue box below).

6. Once all documents have been uploaded, click "Resubmit" from the right-hand menu (green box below).