Proposal - Access Tab Roles


In Kuali Research you can grant global proposal permissions via roles in Person records but you can also grant document specific rights in the Access tab of a proposal development document.  If an individual is added via the Access tab of a proposal that user will have that specific role/permissions on that proposal only.  This allows users to add other people to a proposal that may require view or edit rights during the proposal preparation process.  

Once a person is added via the 'Add User' button they will be granted rights to that proposal - users added to the Access tab can always be deleted or their role changed using 'Edit' or 'Delete'.  Also, prior to routing any role can be granted, however, once the proposal has been submitted for review only the view role can be added.  Lastly, the initiator of a proposal is automatically granted the aggregator role in the Access tab and it's recommended you should not delete.  Below outlines the different roles available.


Role Descriptions