How to Create a Travel & Entertainment Card Action Request


This KBA covers creating a Request for any Travel and Entertainment Card updates in Concur. Concur will identify the employee payee under the Payment Type (Payment to Employee as the user submitting the Expense Report, or User that the delegate is acting on behalf of). 


Before making any Requests to the card, refer to the Travel & Entertainment Card Use and Benefits Blink Page for policy information.

For directions on how to apply for a new card, refer to article KB0032026, How to request a new Travel & Entertainment Card.

Essential Info

To process a Request on behalf of another UCSD employee, the employee will need to add you as their delegate.

The following actions are available in Concur, other than requesting a New Card:

Next Steps

  1. Log into Concur using your Single Sign-On.
  2. From the homepage select Start a Request.

  3. In the Request Header, for the Request Type, select Card & Payment Products Request, this updates the form to the Card & Payment Products form.
  4. In the User Type select UCSD Employee and in the Payment Product Type, select UCSD Travel and Entertainment Card.

  5. Fill out all of your Chart of Account information in the Request Header: Fund, Financial Unit, Approver, Function.

  6. In the Business Purpose/Additional Information section, enter the Business Purpose for the card action, e.g. making a change, and then click on Create Request.

  7. In the Expected Expenses section, click on Add.

  8. A pop-up box will appear; under 25. University Card, select the desired card action:
    • Close/Cancel Card
    • Limit Increase/Decrease
    • Update Billing Address or Mail Code
    • Update Name on Card

      Note: New Card Requests are not available here, refer to the New Travel and Entertainment Card Request KBA for instructions on that process

  9. In this example, we are updating the name on the card, in Expense Type, select Update Name on Card.
  10. Fill out the required fields and click Save.

  11. To add any required attachments for the card change type, select Attachments, and select Attach Documents.

  12. To submit the Request, select Submit Request and then Accept and Submit.

  13. The Request will be routed to the Financial Unit approver, then routed to the Travel Card team for final review; typically Card Action Requests are completed by the Travel Card team within 1 business day.

Supplemental Information

To learn how to assign users to act on your behalf, refer to article KB0031969, How to add a Request Delegate and an Expense Delegate in Concur. To learn how to act as a delegate for another user, refer to article KB0031975, How to act as a Delegate in Concur.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.