How to Create a Procurement Card Action/Update Request


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Log into Concur using your Single Sign-On
2. Click on the Requests module at the top of page, the Requests module homepage will display

3. Select New Request from the Task Bar at the top of page

4. The New Request page will display, defaulting to the Request Header tab 

5. In Request Type, select Card & Payment Products Request, this will update the form to the Card & Payment Products form

6. In Date, click on the Calendar icon, then select Today to autofill the date, or manually enter today’s date

7. In Request Name, depending on the request type you are making, enter Temporary Limit Increase, Card Cancel, Permanent Limit Increase, Temporary Limit Increase, Mail Code Change, Name Change, P-Card Merchant Category Code (MCC) Request or P-Card Ship Goods to Off-Campus Address

8. In User Type, select UCSD Employee

9. In Payment Product Type, select UCSD Procurement Card

10. All fields highlighted in red are required, full Chart of Accounts is required for this request 
 If you have any questions on what to enter in the financial fields, please speak with your fund manager

11. In Business Purpose/Additional Information, enter the following for:

12. When you are done making entries in the Request Header tab, click Save

13. Select the Expenses tab within the Request module

14. The Expense tab displays

15. On the right side of the screen, in Expense Types, under University Card, select desired transaction for:

This KBA does not cover New Card Requests, refer to How to Request a New Procurement Card

16. The following is an example of a Temporary Limit Increase, under University Card, select Limit Increase/Decrease

Contract Involved? If Yes, the Procurement Card cannot be used as the payment method for this expense. See explanations to assist you in determining the correct payment type to select when using Oracle and Concur.

17. In Payment Product Type, select UCSD Procurement Card

18. Using Temporary Limit Increase as a example, enter:

a. Increase/Decrease select Temporary Increase
b. Last 4 Digits of Existing Card
c. Temp Limit Start Date  
d. Temp Limit End Date
e. Single Transaction Limit as needed
f. Cycle Limit as needed

For other Expense Types, enter the required information as follows:

19. Click Save to save entries for the selected Expense Type

20. In the Expense tab, under Expense Type, a line item will display

21. To add attachments, select the Attachments button located on the upper right of page, then select Attach Documents

a. A Permanent Limit Increase, requires the signed Procurement Card Permanent Limit Increase Form

22. Attach the necessary documentation, select Browse to select a file(s), then Upload

23. Submit your request, by selecting Submit Request and then Accept & Submit


24. Once you are done, your Request will be routed for approval by your Department Administrator (DA), your Financial Unit (FinUnit) approver, then the Central Office for review

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494