How to Create an Invoice in Receivables


This article demonstrates to Financial Information System (FIS) users how to create an invoice, which includes the option to split the revenue to more than one Chart of Accounts (CoA) in Oracle Financial Cloud (OFC). 

Essential Information

    1. KB0032200: How to Determine the Oracle & Concur Standard Roles Departmental Preparers Need
    2. Oracle and Concur Role Requests Form
    3. In case of any issues running the reports, please submit a ticket.

Next Steps

Creating an Invoice

1. Login to Oracle Financial Cloud (OFC).
2. Select Company Sign-on and use your SSO information.
3. Select Billing and Receivables then Billing.
4. Click the Tasks icon on the far right.
5. In Transactions, select Create Transaction.
6. In Business Unit, select your respective unit; Campus, Foundation, Physician Group, Population Health.
7. In Transaction Source, select Manual.
8. In Transaction Type, select Invoice.

9. In Customer Bill-to Name, search for Customer, enter your choice of Name or Account Number e.g. IBM WATSON HEALTH IMAGING, press enter.
10. In Payment Terms, Net 30 is applied as default, per A/R Policy Best Practice.
11. In Invoice Lines, enter a Description, Quantity and Unit Price.

12. In Line 1, enter Description: Services, Quantity: e.g. 1, and Unit Price: e.g. 500
13. In Line 2, enter Description: Services, Quantity: e.g. 5, and Unit Price: e.g. 200
14. Click Save, upper left now displays, Edit Transaction: Invoice #xxxxx

15. For goods and services where district taxes are imposed, input the appropriate tax rate from the Tax Classification dropdown menu. The corresponding sales and use tax rates to use throughout San Diego County and city exceptions* are as follows:

  1. San Diego County tax rate 7.75% - US775
  2. Vista and El Cajon tax rate 8.5% - US825
  3. La Mesa tax rate 8.50% - US850
  4. National City tax rate 8.75% - US875

* For example, if services are rendered or goods are picked up in the city of El Cajon, the local tax rate of 8.25% applies

16. Click on Actions and Edit Distributions.
17. In Edit Distributions dialog box, on Line 2, modify the default receivables and revenue chart strings. 
18. In the Distribution column, click the icon.

  1. Modify the Receivables line to include the appropriate chart segments (ENTITY, FUND, FINANCIAL UNIT) for your department.
    1. Account 129043 is the preferred receivables account for miscellaneous billing.
    2. Function code must equal to 000.
  2. Modify Revenue line(s) to include the appropriate chart segments (ENTITY, FUND, FINANCIAL UNIT, ACCOUNT, etc.) for your department.
  3. ***When the Distribution lines are not edited properly, the system will provide default settings i.e. FinU defaults to 9699902 - Campus Operations General Accounting (which should NOT have any Receivables)***

19. Click Save and Close.

19. At the top of the page, if you’d like to preview the Invoice select Complete and Review, or to finalize, select Complete and Close to return to the Receivables Billing work area.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.