How to Use Projects & Award Data Update Application (PADUA) Processor


This article describes how to use the Projects & Awards Data Update Application (PADUA)

Critical Concepts

*Template links will open a new window for the user to download and save the file

Steps to Take

  1. Access the PADUA website:
  2. Before starting your session, begin by clicking on the "Personnel" tab/hyperlink at the top
  3. Click "Load Employee Data" and wait for the success message. If there is an error, the application is not currently working. Contact ITS.
  4. Determine which of the 10 jobs fit the process required
  5. Each of the 10 items have a template next to them to download - download the appropriate one
  6. The template looks like a blank Excel file - all columns with an asterisk must be filled out
  7. Upload file and select Done
  8. Locate the corresponding template
  9. Open and populate with data that is in the form submitted per the customer
  10. Then upload by choosing the corresponding job item
  11. Choose file and Submit
  12. Results will populate with the total number of Success rows and Errors after a successful upload
  13. Communicate results back to customer to resolve any errors

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket