How to make international payments and use educational loans from India (Flywire)


Flywire is a secure and convenient way to make international education payments to UC San Diego. Flywire allows you to pay online with both personal funds and with an Indian educational loan.


With Flywire, you can:


Benefits of Flywire


How to make payments to India with Flywire

  1. Log into TritonPay and go to Make a Payment
  2. Review your balance due and select International Payment as your payment method.
  3. Select India as the country you will be paying from.
  4. For your International Payment Option, select Flywire.
  5. Select a payment method from INR options listed in Flywire.
  6. Fill out the Payer Information section, including Source of Funds and PAN Number
  7. Complete your payment by following the instructions displayed after you create a payment request

Depending on the payment method, you may be required to meet Tax Collected at Source (TCS) requirements and/or complete the LRS Declaration (also known as A2)*


Using Educational Loans through Flywire

When making payments using an Indian Educational Loan, you’ll follow the same steps outlined above except: