Undergraduate Student Scholarship Payment Request FAQ

Undergraduate Scholarship Payment Request FAQ


This FAQ is meant for campus departments trying to disburse funds which are not payroll earnings or expense refunds to undergraduate students. 



What award period should I select? 


The award period lets our office know which year we will need to apply the students’ awards and sometimes influences the request priority for processing. It is important to make sure this is correct. The following is a breakdown for which quarters/months fall under each period:


Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter or the months September-May fall under the academic year. While June-August falls under Summer Session. 



What account and expenditure numbers should I use for my request?


The Account/Expenditure Number for scholarships requests is 510001 for even years (2022-2023,2024-2025), 510000 for odd years (2023-2024, 2025-2026) or 510003 for NSF projects with Funding Source Number 7018220


How many scholarship payment requests should I submit?

Submit individual tickets per chartstring being used and include all award recipients on the same request. It helps us streamline the process and minimizes confusion. 


How do I enter my students’ information?


When you get to this field, click on the dropdown arrow and select “Yes”


 This will prompt the form to populate the option to add students




How do I request specific disbursement dates or include comments to my request?


Please let us know of any comments or requests by:


(1) Scrolling to the bottom of the request form and clicking on the paperclip icon to attach a document with the information



(2) Opening your Services & Support ticket from “My Stuff” on the menu bar and sending us a message.


 How should I format my attachment file for the Services & Support request form?

Please include the student’s PID, Name and award details. Below is an example of how attachments we receive are typically formatted:



How should I name the scholarship?


Please name scholarships under a general title related to your department or scholarship program (Ex: Engineering Scholarship, King Triton Scholars, etc.) instead of making it specific to the student recipient (Ex: Stipend for Jane Doe). This is important as it will be what the student sees on their financial aid package and billing account. 


Our system has a 30 character limit and can only set up one scholarship name per AID ID/Detail Code. If you are using the same chartstring for a scholarship request but are using a different scholarship name, we will have to set up a new AID ID/Detail code. 



How should I enter the budgets requested on the form? 

The fiscal year budget should be the budget you will be using for the chartstring. This will set the limit for how much money will pay out of the chartstring for the year. 


The “Maximum Award a Student Can Receive during the Fiscal Year budget” is the award limit for each individual student under a specific AID ID/Detail Code for the year. 



How do I include a team member who is helping me process my request?

Login to your SNOW portal. Find your ticket under “My Stuff” from the menu bar then scroll down to the watch list box and add individuals you want to receive updates about the issue or request.



How do I request an amendment to a scholarship award payment?

If your Services & Support request form is still active please let our team know by sending us a message. 


If your Services & Support request form has been closed, duplicate the Services & Support request and let us know of what changes you would like to make. Below are instructions on how to do so. 


(1) Log in to Services & Support using your active directory account and view your closed tickets. Select the Services & Support ticket connected to the student’s scholarship payment request.

(2) Scroll down to the Actions box and click on “Open Duplicate Ticket”

(3) When prompted click “OK” to confirm the action


 (4) You will now have a brand new Services & Support ticket. Please send us a message and/or add attachments to let us know of any award changes.


Is there a way to avoid impact on the student’s financial aid?

All scholarship funds the students receive must be incorporated into their financial aid package. The only university funding that doesn’t have to be included are their earnings from jobs on campus. If your funding or program allows, it may be a good idea to consult your team on reallocating the funds/restructuring your program so that the money is income processed by HR to the student instead of a scholarship payment. 


For more questions on how a scholarship award would affect a student’s financial aid package, please contact the Scholarships Team at scholarships@ucsd.edu or schedule an appointment during office hours.



When can my students expect to see their scholarship payments?

Please allow for at least 15 to 20 business days for processing (longer during peak periods). The creation of AID ID/Detail Codes involve multiple offices. We set up the AID ID to be used in our system which is then linked by General Accounting to a Detail Code to pay out and post in AR. Due to their fluctuating workload throughout the year our requests for Detail Codes sometimes fall lower in priority for processing (typically in June) so it takes some time to get traction. We always recommend departments submit scholarship payments ASAP to avoid any delay when awarding students. As long as you have the chartstring for the request, students do not have to be selected in order for us to set up an AID ID and Detail Code.


Once an AID ID/Detail code has been activated and the award has been applied to the student’s financial aid package the funds are usually disbursed to their university account within 2 business days. Once it posts to their university account, and if the student is eligible for a refund, Student Financial Solutions (SFS) will need to process the payment to the student. This time will vary for each student based on whether or not they are enrolled in direct deposit or opted to receive a check in the mail. 



My student has let me know they have not received their payment. How do I help them?


If you see the expense on your department’s ledger, confirm whether or not the student’s name and payment information are all correct on your department’s ledger. If all looks good then it is likely the student may not have qualified for a financial aid refund or is having an issue with their billing account. If this is the case they will need to work out the issue with Student Financial Solutions (SFS).


If you do not see the expense on your department’s ledger please first check in with the student to confirm they met the minimum units required for the award to pay out. Until the student enrolls in at least the minimum requirement it will not pay out to the student’s university account. Often when this issue is brought up the term may have already passed and the student is no longer able to enroll in classes. If you would still like to award the funds to the student please let us know of any exceptions or updates to enrollment requirements via your Services & Support ticket.


If none of the situations above apply then please reach out to our team through your Services & Support ticket so we may look into the issue. 



I still have questions! How can I get more help? 


Zoom appointments can be made for assistance on submitting the payment request:  https://calendly.com/dbllanos/30min?month=2022-11 


If the question is for an existing payment request please reach out to our team via the active Services & Support ticket.