View Full Account History (prior to August 2023)

All charges assessed in August 2023 and onwards can be viewed in the new TritonPay (, clicking on "Student Login" or "Authorized Payer login," and clicking on "Activity Details," on the left hand navigation). 

Students are currently only able to review their full account history (transactions prior to August 2023) in the old TritonPay system.  

Steps to Take (to view older account history, prior to August 2023)

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Past Statements" in the column that pertains to your classification.
  3. If you are a student, log in with your single sign on information. If you are an authorized payer, login with your old auth payer login information.
  4. Select "Account History" link on top right side of the page
  5. On the drop-down on the left side of page, select "Full Account History"
  6. Select “Display Prior Month Activity” until you’ve reached the first transaction of the account
  7. On the bottom right side of the "Full Account History" view, select the button that reads "Printer Friendly Version"

Critical Concepts (old TritonPay)

Account history breaks down transactions as "Payments/credits" and "Charges/debits."

Examples of "Payments/Credits" include: Cash/check/credit card payments, waivers, and financial aid.

Examples of "Charges/Debits" include: Tuition, registration fees, housing charges, and miscellaneous charges (i.e. Bookstore, Imprints, Student Health, etc.). Please note that refunds will also appear in the "Charges/Debits" column. 

When "Fin Aid Rfn Ck or Direct Dpst" appears as a transaction, this means that a refund is being sent via direct deposit transfer or as a paper check.

Account history differs from billing statements. To learn how to request billing statements, please visit our "View/Request Billing Statements" article.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.