What does the "Campus Purchases/Other" category mean on TritonPay?


When shopping at the UC San Diego Bookstore or Sunshine Market, you may elect to have your purchases charged to your student account to be offset against anticipated financial aid or paid when the next monthly billing statement is received. These charges, along with course material charges (RedShelf and lab fees), parking, library fees, and Wēpa printing charges will be listed as Campus Purchases/Other on the TritonPay overview page.


Additional Information and Support

To understand more about your "Campus Purchases/Other" charges, head to the Activity Details tab in TritonPay. Here you will see when a charge was placed, what type of charge it is (Bookstore, Course Material, or other), and the amount due for each charge. 

For inquires into the specifics of a charge see below:

Bookstore Charges: please contact UC San Diego Bookstore Customer Service at 858-534-7326.

Course Materials Charges: please contact Course Materials Central at 858-726-5706 or email textbooks@ucsd.edu.

Library Fees: please contact the UC San Diego Library at 858-534-0134.

Wēpa Printing: please contact Wēpa at 1-800-675-7639 or email help@wepanow.com

Parking: please contact transportation services at 858-534-4223 or parking@ucsd.edu


Contact Student Financial Solutions under the following conditions: