What is included in my 1098-T?


Review this KBA to learn more about the 1098-T tax form and what is included as qualifying education expenses. 

1098-T Explained

Box 1 indicates the total payments received for qualifying education expenses during the given tax year. Totals paid towards tuition and campus based fees are examples of qualified education expenses that are typically included in Box 1. Not all fees that you pay to the University are eligible to be included in Box 1. Examples of fees that are not considered qualifying education expenses include: housing, dining, transportation, and health services.


Box 5 indicates the total of all gift aid administered/processed by the university. Gift aid can include grants, scholarships, stipends, fellowships, waivers, etc. It is common for students to receive gift aid that is paid towards various fees (some that are authorized to be listed in Box 1 and some that are not). Having different amounts in Box 1 and Box 5 is common. Having the total in Box 5 be larger than Box 1 is also common.


A detailed itemized breakdown of the specific transactions that were included on your 1098-T form can be found on page 3 of your 1098-T Tax Form, which can be accessed via the Tab Services Portal located here: www.tsc1098t.com. For login instructions, please visit: https://sfs.ucsd.edu/student-accounts/1098-t.html

For more information regarding the 1098-T, please visit: https://students.ucsd.edu/finances/fees/tax-credit.html.  


Note: The 1098-T form is solely provided to help you determine your eligibility of the Education Tax Credits. UC San Diego is unable to provide individual income tax advice. If you have specific questions on how the 1098-T form affects your tax responsibility please contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or your personal tax advisor regarding your eligibility or the calculation of these tax benefits.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call our office at 858-246-5900.