September 2022 Housing and Dining Billing Error Causing Multiple Transactions

When you receive your September 2022 statement, you may notice that there are multiple charges for housing & dining along with some payments/credits that show as an adjustment on your account. This year, there was an issue with assessing billing to student accounts and students received the incorrect billing for their room & dining type.

When changes are made to billing, the amount of the original transaction is not changed and instead the system adds new transactions to completely remove old billing and then adds billing for the new amount. This is the reason that you may see multiple transactions that you were not expecting.

In order to see what you are actually being billed, you need to think of the charges as a whole. On your statement or in your "Account History," you have two columns: one for Payments/Credits and one for Charges. You need to add all of the charges together and then subtract the payments/credits to get the amount that is "due."

The easiest way to visualize this will be through your "Account History" in TritonPay as this shows all transactions on your account in the order that they happened, whereas your statement is a snapshot of your account at the time the statement was created. Any changes made since then will not be made on the September Statement.

Any changes made to your account are done in the same manner, so if you've requested a dining plan change or an installment plan change you may have more transactions.

You can verify that the amounts align with what you are expecting via the Cost & Payment Schedules posted on the Housing & Dining website here (located above each of the rates tables ):

Please note that the Cost & Payment schedules include the $20 housing activity fee and the $30 housing administrative fee (if paying quarterly/monthly). You will want to pay special attention to the Fall Quarter installments and the 1st Monthly installments if you are not paying in full.