Billing Due Date Schedule


Tuition and Registration Fees Payment Due Date

Tuition and Registration fees are billed on a quarterly basis and payment is due based on the Enrollment and Registration Calendar deadline, regardless if student enrolls late, is waitlisted or is reinstated.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure all tuition and registration fees are paid by the payment deadline to avoid late penalties and cancellation of enrollment. Students who have enrolled in the Triton Registration Installment Plan (TRIP) will refer to the monthly billing due dates for payment deadline.

Housing (Rent) Charges

Rent for students living in grad housing is due the first day of each month; undergrad housing billing follows a different schedule. Housing Rates and Services ( For assistance in paying rent, refer to Housing FAQ.

Miscellaneous Charges 

While UC San Diego bills tuition/registration fees on a quarterly basis, there are still monthly due dates for TRIP fees (Triton Registration Installment Plan) and any other miscellaneous charges that students incur. Examples of miscellaneous charges include:  

Students can access the full billing due date schedule on the SFS website.


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