How to Authorize a Payer


When a student authorizes a payer, the payer will be able to view and pay the student's bill in TritonPay.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Authorizing a Payer (Instructions for Student):

  1. Visit TritonPay and login using your single sign-on credentials
  2. On the left hand side, click on "my account"  
  3. Under "Payers" section, click on "Send a payer invitation" 
  4. Fill out the form and click "Send invitation"
  5. An email will be sent to your authorized payer with instructions on how to create their profile

Authorized Payer Instructions:

  1. Look for an email from 
  2. Click on the designated link in the email to access the account
  3. Login using the Parent pin and password provided in the email
  4. Once logged in, the payer will be required to create a new password
  5. Upon creating a new password, the payer will now have access to view and pay their student's bill

Authorized Payer Instructions (additional students):

  1. If you are an authorized payer of multiple students at UC San Diego, you can add additional students to your profile. Once logged in, find the "Student Links" box and click on "Add New"
  2. Enter the parent pin and password provided via email for your other student
  3. Upon doing so, you will now see a link to your additional student in the "Student Links" box
  4. To toggle between your students, simply click on their name in the "Student Links" box


For more information and for a more detailed breakdown of each step, please visit our TritonPay website:

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket