Cost of Attendance Appeal FAQ

Q: I need help filling out my appeal, or have questions about an appeal I already submitted.

A: We recommend reaching out to the Financial Aid and Scholarships office to speak with a counselor. The easiest way is through virtual counseling, which is found here: Contact Us

Q: How long does it take for an appeal to be reviewed?

A: The Financial Aid and Scholarships office is reviewing appeals based on date order received and it may generally take anywhere from up 2 to 3 weeks for a decision. However, we recommend submitting your appeal as soon as possible.

Q: I thought the Scholarship Displacement Act of 2021 would allow me to keep all my offered financial aid?

A: The scholarship displacement act is a state law, which doesn’t supersede federal laws and regulations. Additionally, your financial aid has yet to be adjusted to allow time to review potential options.

Q: I have done this process before, why do I have to do it again?

A. Each appeal is specific to a particular academic year. Each year a new FAFSA or California Dream Act application is completed, which generates a new annual cost of attendance and annual financial aid offer. A new appeal would be needed to account for any new additional educational costs not covered by your existing budget.

Q: Can I use the scholarship for summer instead?

A: The scholarship donor for your scholarship determines how the scholarship should be posted to your financial aid package. You would need to contact the scholarship donor directly, and request the scholarship be posted to a summer term. We would need them to email the scholarships office at with that approval. 

Q: Can you hold the scholarship until next year?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to hold scholarships outside of the academic year for which they are intended. 

Q: What happens if my appeal is rejected, or approved for an amount less than the scholarship I received?

A: While the costs included may not lead to more financial aid eligibility, if you have any costs and documentation you did not include in your original request you can submit a new appeal. However, please be aware that we cannot circumvent federal financial aid regulations to offer more financial aid than your annual cost of attendance and financial need.

Q: I still need more assistance. Can I meet with someone?

A: Schedule a meeting with Scholarships Counselor Daevionne Beasley here: